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Note to self: No more than fifteen (15) additions of English entries without a translation into Lombard per day.

{{traduzzion-derva}} {{traduzzion-altra colona}} {{traduzzion-sarra su}}

Literary Works I would like to see into the Lombard Language translatedModifega

(See this article for ideas.)

Language Names to be TranslatedModifega

(Note to Utent:Gat lombard: You don't have to work on this list right away.)

  • (Neo-)Mandaic (mid; Classical Mandaic is myz): neomandaich/mandaich (moderno)
  • Mennonite Low German / Plautdietsch (pdt): mennonita bass todesch / Plautdietsch
  • Calabrian Greek (grk-cal): Grech Calabres
  • Italiot Greek (grk-ita): Grech Italiota
  • Mariupolitan Greek (grk-mar): Grech de Mariupol

(the first, the second and the third ones are dialects of Greek ( → Jut:Dialet_e_ortografie_(lengov_foreste)#Grech ))

  • Pontic Greek (pnt): Grech del Pont
  • Tsakonian / Tzakonian / Tsakonic (tsd): Tsakonegh
  • Yevanic / Judæo-Greek / Romaniyot (yej): Yevanegh

English Numerals to be AddedModifega

@Apisite:, see here: Apendice:Agetiv_numerai_in_lombard

Skeleton entry for EnglishModifega

== {{-en-}} == {{-noun-|en}} {{pn}} (pl:<!--scriv chinscì el plural-->) # {{Nodef}} {{-adj-|en}} {{pn}} # {{Nodef}} {{-verb-|en}} to {{pn}} # {{Nodef}} {{-hyph-}} ; <!-- mèt denter chì la sillabazzion cont el divider i sillabe per mez d'un | compagn che in de l'esempi: im | pe | ria | li | smo --> {{-pron-}} sing: {{IPA|<!-- scriv scià la prononzia -->}} pl: {{IPA|<!-- scriv scià la prononzia -->}} {{-etim-}} {{Noetim}} <!-- alter modei util: {{-rel-}} per i termin conligad {{-prov-}} per i proverbi e i moeud de dì --> {{-ref-}} * {{Noref|en}}